Futures & Options

Stock Indices, Base & Precious Metals, Grains, Commodities, Energy Products

  • Trade spreads and strategies
  • DMA for speed, efficiency & best execution
  • System & algorithmic trading online
  • Buy and write options

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Trade Foreign Exchange both via the telephone and online:

  • Major and exotic currency pairs
  • Over The Counter (OTC) Forex options
  • Tight and reliable quotes

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Bullion & Base Metals

Comprehensive bullion & base metal dealing service:

  • Spot and forward prices
  • Highly competitive quotes
  • Trade base metals across a number of exchanges

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Berkeley (Bahamas) Limited – Offshore Brokers in Online, Futures, Options, Forex (FX), Bullion, Commodities, CFDs

Trade Futures and Options, Forex (FX), Gold, Silver and Oil, Commodities, or Contracts For Difference (CFDs), with Berkeley Bahamas Limited on a choice of online trading platforms.

We offer a wide range of offshore, tax free, online and telephone brokerage services. We trade in all the major futures and options markets, as well as in commodities such as gold & silver bullion, foreign exchange and CFDs.

Berkeley is committed to offering easy to use and efficient futures and options trading platforms to both individual and corporate traders. To this end, Berkeley provides online trading facilities including IQ Trader, Pro Trader, and Currenex.

Tax Free Trading will never be the same.
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