CFD Trading

Offshore CFD Trading

Berkeley (Bahamas) Limited has provided offshore CFD trading facilities to non-domicile investors for over ten years. Currently, this is only available via telephone, e-mail, and instant messenger; however, a new online CFD trading service will be available soon.

About CFD trading

CFD (Contracts for differences) trading is a simple way to trade equity price movements, here the trader can go long or short and the profit or loss is settled at the difference between the two prices at which you have bought and sold. Dividends are paid to those who hold a long position and are paid for by the short holder. CFD trading can be undertaken on most equities quoted on the major exchanges and the margin or deposit is from 10% giving up to 10x gearing.

CFD trading originated in London, however, Berkeley (Bahamas) Limited has now made it available to expatriate and non-domicile investors from their base in the Bahamas. In addition to the potential tax breaks offered by offshore CFD trading, it is also exempt from U.K stamp duty.