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NinjaTrader is an execution platform for advanced order entry and position management.

Berkeley is delighted to include the NinjaTrader front-end application in our current suite of trading platorms via connection to the Pats infrastructure.

With NinjaTrader the order execution process is efficient and accurate.  Position management is streamlined and automated.  Stop and limit orders can be submitted automatically as soon as your entry order is filled.  User-defined position strategies allow the trader to set up rules and conditions ahead of time that will manage the life-cycle of their position.

Some features of NinjaTrader include:

  • SuperDom entry window
  • Wide range of third party technical indicators and trading systems
  • One Cancels Other (OCO) order types
  • Single click order submission, modification, and cancellation
  • Multi-step automatic trail stop loss
  • User-defined position strategies
  • User-defined stop strategies
  • Auto-reverse
  • Performance manager reporting

Please note that the latest version of this platform is NinjaTrader 7 which is designed specifically to resolve position reporting and connection loss issues that may be experienced by clients. We therefore recommend that clients update as soon as possible.

NinjaTrader offers Direct Market Access (DMA) to 24 futures and options exchanges.